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The coin is NOT an Liberty silver dollar, it's a PEACE dollar () and assuming the coin is circulated and has no mintmark, retail values are $$ the coi n is the highest. was the second year of the American silver eagle series, an array of bullion coins that the United States first offered in primarily for precious metal investors.

Silver Dollar

Rare cc seated liberty half dollar. not the best of shape. WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET, BUYING AS IS. Feel free to ask any questions.

Although widely recognized as "cents" this coin depicts "tene", the native language equivalent to the English word cent. It also abandoned its 1 and 2-cent pieces almost 10 years before both New Zealand and Australia , only to bring the 1 cent back 20 years later. With the reduction in size of New Zealand's 10, 20 and cents coins in , older cent coins began to be phased out in both countries. As part of a coinage reform, new coins were minted in by the Royal Australian Mint.

The new 5 dollar coin features a traditional vaka instead of a conch. The cents are smaller than previous issues with closer size and weight to the current coins of New Zealand while the new dollars continue to have their distinctive shapes. A large number of commemorative non circulating collectors coins are also issued by the Cook Islands featuring an almost endless array of themes as the government has a contract in which a coin design can be commissioned and minted with the name "Cook Islands" and dollar units for a fee, making coinage a resource for extra revenue.

Due to exchange schemes involving large stocks of non-circulating commemorative coins, mintages are regulated and not recognized or accepted as legal tender within the Cook Islands. On 20 July , 3, 10, and 20 dollar notes were introduced by the government, followed by 50 dollar notes as part of a new series of notes in The notes all bear images of items, events, and panorama relevant to native Polynesian culture. In June , the government of the Cook Islands began exchanging all of the larger banknotes for New Zealand currency, but the 3-dollar note and all coins remain in use.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Standard Catalog of World Coins: Standard Catalog of World Paper Money: Listed prices for bullion products are firm and not negotiable.

Prices and availability of prod This is a scarce Uncirculated piece from with attractive luster and a nice overall look. Quite a scarce and interesting historic piece. Rare cc seated liberty half dollar. Feel free to ask any questions. This coin features excellent detail and a single Chinese Chopmark on the reverse with minimal hairlines. Throughout all series are rare dates. Many silver dollars are rare because of the mint that struck them, identified by the mintmark.

Still others are rare varieties not generally known outside the coin collecting world. And of course the condition of your coins. Often silver dollars are very rare in well preserved condition. Look again at the range in value from one grade to the next. The different grades are sometimes difficult to detect but very important to silver dollar values. Follow the image and text links above. From the first year of mintage and ending with the Peace Dollar in Silver dollar values are listed for all dates, mintmarks and varieties.

Grading videos cover the Morgan and Peace silver dollar series. Videos present the grading process along with descriptions of subtle element to grading highlighted in images. Safe Coin Storage Recommendations Recommendations on basic supplies that greatly improve coin storage. Providing for safe handling, preserving of value and organizing your box of old coins.

Additionally, check all of your coins. Are some or most of your old coins rising in value with this upward move? Today's values are above last year's. All old US coin values.

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The value chart and grading images shine a light on these rarities.

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