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Management experts recommend spending more time working on the business and less time working in the business.

Good advice, but difficult to apply in a small business that lacks resources. For many managers, managing people is the hardest and most stressful task.

The best way to deal with this problem is to attract quality staff, empower them with information and authority, and provide them up-to-date systems. While SmartTrade has the facility to quickly run reports, both standard and customised, busy managers often prefer to view key performance indicators with a few clicks. The SmartBiz dashboard allows users to view data in report and graphical layouts.

Still at an early stage of development, SmartBiz is being extended based on feedback from users. Ensuring good compliance with safety regulations is becoming a must-do for all businesses, not just those in higher risk industries. Safety regulations are becoming increasingly demanding, and the penalities for breaching these rules can be crippling, particularly for small businesses.

A documented system and a trail of records is required to reduce this exposure. More and more customers are requiring suppliers and contractors to have formal safety systems as a pre-requisite for doing business. SmartForms, a feature of SmartTrade Mobile, is a cost-effective way to improve compliance with safety regulations.

SmartTrade is used successfully by over businesses, ranging from one man bands to companies with over employees. Originally designed for trades such as electricians and plumbers, SmartTrade is now used in a wide and growing range of industries. Collectively, our owners and managers have a wealth of business experience in small and large businesses and this helps us to understand the job management needs of your business. Over the years, SmartTrade become more powerful as new features, often suggested by our users, have been added.

As an example, version 6, released in , included over new features, and a more modern user interface. Performance improved, after some teething problems that were quickly resolved. The overwhelming response from users has been that version 6 is more user friendly, but as always, some users were content with version 5 and chose not to upgrade.

We value our reputation for excellent support, and as our customers will attest, we go the extra yard. Training is via online sessions which works well and is very cost effective, although we will quote for onsite training if you prefer.

These prices include unlimited free calls to our help desk. Try SmartTrade for 1 month free-of-charge, before deciding whether to invest. Add customers and jobs, schedule appointments and try out many of the other features of SmartTrade. SmartTrade provides tools to impress customers and win more business: Create confidence by being professional and organised.

Demonstrate points of difference. As more and more businesses mobilise field staff, this is rapidly becoming the norm rather than a competitive advantage. But features such as logging jobs over the internet SmartGate and electronic forms can be a point of difference. Issue professional proposals promptly. Taking weeks or even months to respond to an enquiry leaves a poor impression, whether giving a verbal estimate or a written quote.

SmartTrade provides tools to respond quickly and professionally, and to track proposals. Quick and easy costing and quoting, with features such as template jobs and kit-sets. Customise professional looking proposals.

Follow-up quotes and estimates. Handle disputes quickly and professionally. Leave a good impression, even if unsuccessful.

SmartTrade provides tools to manage jobs more profitability, including: Cost and quote more accurately. Accurate costing, quoting and estimating is the first step in ensuring that jobs are profitable. SmartTrade assists in doing so, with features such as user-friendly quoting, job templates, kit-sets and importing up-to-date supplier prices. Bill more labour hours.

Makes filling out job sheets and timesheets quicker and easier, and by doing this onsite can convert potential downtime into chargeable time. Tracks labour utilisation by employee through timesheets. The schedule makes it easy to change appointments quickly, and to avoid frustrating schedule mix-ups which waste billable time and annoy customers. View key job information in the schedule Add new jobs direct from the schedule, including jobs from templates Drag and drop appointments Set up recurring appointments View by day week, month or timeline Send appointments created in SmartTrade to Google Calendar.

Bill out all materials. SmartTrade does allow tracking of: Margin Contribution margin less labour costs if labour rates are entered. Estimated profitability, if the labour rates include an allowance for overheads recovery.

Track key performance measures using SmartBiz. The SmartBiz dashboard comprises 3 components: Smart Trade continues to expand its distribution network. Nurturing a trusted relationship with its partners, Smart Trade upholds the status of a leading distributor of consumer electronics in Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. Smart Trade's online partnering network consists of the biggest ecommerce stores in Croatia. The vision of a longterm business relationship and high-quality cooperation with online partners translates into maximal adjustment to individual customer needs.

Smart Trade - a safe way to your customer. Let's build the future together! Product categories Brand and product categories Smart Trade represents cover the latest array of consumer electronics.

A customer tailored service Strategic partnerships allow Smart Trade to carry out wholesome analyzes of customer shopping habits, including their online searches and clicks, which serves as base for future trends forecast.

Market span Smart Trade strategically develops its partnering distribution network. Offline stores Smart Trade continues to expand its distribution network.

Online stores Smart Trade's online partnering network consists of the biggest ecommerce stores in Croatia. Designed to introduce you to the basic skills of technical analysis. Course includes a comprehensive course handbook, video tutorials and exercises to put your new skill into practice and develop your own set of trading rules for entries and exits. You will never look at a share the same way again. Are you having difficulty getting MetaStock setup?

MetaStock is a powerful charting program and this online video course takes you step by step through the process of setting up and streamlining MetaStock so you can use it to its full potential. Do you want to trade like a professional?

SmartTrade Mobile or SmartTime make it easy to record time against jobs promptly and accurately, and for you to check that timesheets are up-to-date. Margin Contribution margin less labour costs if labour rates are entered.

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Samsung embodies leading-edge technology that makes life more practical and tomorrow just a bit closer to now. SmartTrade allows template emails, with standard text e.

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