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5 Reasons Tim Hortons Sucks

See if you have what it takes to join the world’s fastest growing restaurant brand..

We absolutely love tim hortons lunch and coffee! We enjoy it whenever where ever. We picked up some delicious soup and sandwiches then headed to the cabin for lunch. We had to walk to the cabin through the forest so before we left we put the tailgate down and . Located at Boul Taschereau, Brossard, QC, Tim Hortons is the perfect place to go for great-tasting, freshly brewed coffee. Our coffee is made with % Arabica beans, sourced from the world's most renowned growing newtrends.pwon: Boul Taschereau, Brossard, J4Y 3B8, QC.

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From the free refills, larger sizes, attractive new layouts of there stores, free wifi, and the addition to add a muffin for 49 cents… timmies is out of the picture. I used to work for them and i noticed the decling quality. There coffee, is awful. Mcdonalds, better when your poor.

If your wanting a good quality cup of joe, hit your local coffee shop for some higher quality beverages.. Good earth regional- western canadian and other indpendent shops just put both of theses options in the dust. Rather, an instant powder concentrate is mixed with hot water to render a poor simulation. Tim Hortons can serve whatever fake drinks they wish, only they should not be allowed to call it espresso.

I drink black no sugar, and Tim Hortons coffee is like battery acid. My theory is, now that McDonalds coffee is actually improved, the fifth-rate coffee producers are now selling their crap to Tim Hortons at a discount.

I live along the corridor in Ontario, and a few, but not all , of the new onRoute service centres now have Starbucks locations. What a blessing on a road trip! I am in no way, shape or form, a Starbucks fanboy, and, in fact, I purposely refused to patronise their shops for a long, long time.

WTF is that all about? I would choose Starbucks, 10 fold over Hortons! This says alot, considering most American chains are at par with Hortons in terms of skid like environments.

I asked for 2 sugar and half cream and got 5 cream 3 sugar. They always pick the stupidest people to work at the drive thru. But I would like you to know that Timmies is not a fast food restaurant people just misunderstand and take it for one. I work at tims, and this is what we are supposed to do, but I always just fill it straight into he mug. And you know what we have to do with that standard cup after?

Mcdonalds coffee though is way better than tims. I agree…they suck on all fronts. We look down on drug addicts in this society.. Are people really that brain dead? They cant put your cream and sugar in your green mug and then stur the coffee in. The spoon they would stur your already used mug in would then be considered unsanitary, so it must first be sturred in a cup and then put in your mug.

The cup that they sturred your drink in can and should be used for the next order of that size of coffee. I worked at a Tim hortons where at one point one person says i needed to close the van door after putting in baked goods another says to leave it open the food will be fine yet one night I leave it open and I come back out to find a big rat running across the muffins so I tell the person I may need to make more since I seen a rat run all over the muffins they tell me no its ok to serve it let it be.

How gross is this. For the record, I get a Timmies and bagel 2 or 3 times a week. If I want a decent coffee rather than a morning pick me up, I go to a decent coffee shop and pay more or make my own.

All of those points are correct. I used to know 2 people who I worked with who never wore gloves while cleaning the toilets!!

Most likely spreading toilet particles while handling customer products. It would have been stupid to dump pots and make the customers wait for a fresh pot. Especially since it gets busy and some people buy in large quantities for ie 6 Large double doubles. We would just erase the time on the old coffee pot and extend it. So in reality coffee pots could be hrs old.

Some of my coworkers on drive-thru would also give regular coffee to customers who specifically asked for Decaf, just because they were out of decaf.

And many of my co-workers were idiots, whether it be disorganized, slow, rude, or just plain stupid. You get treated poorly and slaved no matter how much of a hard or efficient worker you are. Not only the management though, some customers treat you like garbage, if you make an honest mistake as everyone does sometimes some of them would yell at the staff at the ones I worked at.

I the author is correct, the coffee is terrible and the food is not fresh. They are making large sums of money off of stupid people.

Add the other shifts and times that by 7 days a week, 31 days a month? You have no idea what goes on behind the counter at a Tim Hortons! Work there for a week then come back and write about your experience there. Tim Hortons coffee is getting worse and worse tasting. An hour after you drink a cup now, I get the worst after taste of nicotine or terrible smoky flavour. I travel all over eastern Ontario and have decided to stay away from Tims. What the hell have you done to your coffee for it to taste this way.

No Thanks, I care about my health too much. I quit due to the unfair treatment of employees. I agree that this is another factor that should be added in with regards to the list of why Tim Hortons is anti-Canadian. While there were times that employees messed up a customers order accidentaly there were also times were customers were down right rude. I found my position at Tim Hortons de-humanizing when a customer would swear at me or say dergatory statements. The job does entail minimum wage but it does not make an individual any less of a human than the individual being served who may receive a higher wage.

They have incompetant managers who fire people at their whim and say they do not have to give any reason. I work at a Tim hortons and you are completely wrong!! There is so much to do during the work day at Tims and it takes time to make all those fancy drinks. Things are always fresh because we have a new industry law to always be baking..

Our frozen food is preserved and then baked in the oven and decorated and filled with jellys or glazed FRESH!!! There is always 2 designated sandwich station workers. And all of the sandwich products are fresh. I do not like their coffee,service and treatment of employees. I personally have boycotted Tims and sent letter to their head office that unless they improve service and more importantly treat their employees better most looked over worked and unhappy I refuse to give them a penny.

They also tend to hire a lot more immigrants and refugees who can be easier to abuse due to language , lack of options and new to country. I prefer starbucks — yes they are not perfect but I can see that most employees are happy, have benefits, and some perks. Not all Americans spell like kindergardeners.

Even the supervisors are idiots. I went to Tim Hortons in Canada and asked for a pure vegi soup. I had it and felt a strange taste in it. Later I spoke to someone who also eats vegi only and mentioned that Minestrone soup is not vegeterian. This is making me more upset and I want to know what I can do in this situation? I want to sue THEM! Oh my God you are so right.

How is that helping? I am a size 2 and they gave me size 10 pants. I can work anywhere else and not have to wear a stupid uniform and have better working conditions for the same pay or more. I only stay for the hours because they are so flexible. They are only flexible because they are so short staffed, which really creates an even more stressful working environment.

People get cranky and treat you bad. Drive thru is especially bad because people are too stupid to figure out who merges into the lane first. Then you hear swearing and car horns through the intercom and the customers get all worked up.

You cannot keep tips. There seems to be a problem after another constantly. And the whole layout is not very practical.. Good thing I am only in high school, I will be quitting this crappy job very soon.

I work at Tim Hortons and a lot of this information is incorrect. Flavor is a matter of preferance, personally I enjoy it. Our coffee does stay fresh, at our store I am in charge doing that. If there is no one around we are not going to waste grinds but one pot at least is always fresh. Everything in the display cabnits are made at the store.

At the end of the day left over food is thrown out 4. The only unfresh food in our store is the timbits we give to dogs. Tim Hortons cups are recyclabe 6. A regular at our store always gets a iced mocha well stirred, more than the normal amount of stirs, yes we try to be so quick we count stirs 7.

Typically there is not enough people working to have a line of 10 be done in 10 seconds, thatn general is crazy. If you want the right order and for it to be done properly do not rush us, we are usually going as fast as possible. Once you all are taken care of we get to relax until the next wave. If you work there a day you will understand. My first day I worked Saturday morning,until you accomplish that you do not understand what it takes to work Tim Hortons. Oh and in the dt, please speak loud and clear with music right, it helps get your order right and saves time on your part.

Tables and chairs cemented to the floor. After Dave Thomas died they reverted to Canadian ownership again and are now headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario. However, I am pissed at Tim Hortons for selling out their Canadian customers by offering all kinds of coupons and special contests not available to Canadians to their American customers!

Fun to read, no doubt, but I must say I disagree with just about everything you have said. Fresh enough for me, anyway. That level of quality will surely tack on a few more precious dollars. Customers insist on using the stupid cups and—worse—throwing them around.

I bring my own and I get a hefty discount for doing that. I consider that good stewardship. I remember those days well. Cookies were bigger than your face, donuts were made fresh in store, and the coffee really was the best around. Today the coffee is the worst on the market. I mean that literally, I bought a cup of coffee on my way to work, took a few sips and had a big heave and lost the coffee. I have struggled with severe depression, anxiety and other issues for years, yet I still managed to finish University while working part time, and now I have a full-time career.

Finally, yes school can be expensive, but get a student loan or a line of credit. Sounds to me like you like to find a lot of excuses. No lasagne, no paninis, no inedible frozen donuts. Bring back strawberry tarts, eclairs, full-sized cakes. Rehire all the bakers and go back to baking all donuts in the store. Get rid of the breakfast sandwiches, the sausage wraps, and the other ridiculous products you have added over the past decades. The writing is all over the wall, let the executives take notice!

I really enjoyed this blog and the comments. Watch the you tube video from this site. When i used to live in the US i never had a problem with food service,food was always excellent,i could get better tasting,and fresher products from the general store,all the breakfast fast food in Canada is shit,no matter where you go.

His problem for not reading the agreement before signing. I doubt you see many Franchisees handing back stores. Just goes to prove all stores are different in how they are run. But the reason you love the bagels is because regular bagels are made of 2 different starches where as timmies is made with 4 and is more un healthy than the average bagel. How about so spam, viruses and other unwanted things dont interfear with their internet they are paying for. Maybe if you were on credible sites they would work.

Every site I want to look at does. Diverse background as in ethnicity and race, not piercings. Tim Hortons does suck real bad. Soooo much better without their annoying staff members messing everything up. The Fancy donut is a decidedly Canadian invention. The larger donuts, Dutchies, Apple Fritters, etc, cost a bit more as they were larger. The donut needed to be larger so the inside was fluffier. Tim Hortons that claims to be Canadiana made one size fits all donuts and sell the previously Fancy donut on a scaled down size thereby eliminating the fluffy centre.

I loved Tim Hortons 10 years ago. Never go there now. The coffee is awful these days, Canada or not! Go to google and punch in Tim Hortons Lies and go to the site that comes up under that name. Every single person on here should read this as this is one of the worst companies in North America.

A great blog to read and to help others who think they should invest in Tim Hortons and also a great site for those thinking that this is a money making machine….. The coffee and food is the worst. Never has been fresh. Why do customers keep coming to them?

They are stupid Canadians brainwashed by bad coffee. Food is Appaulling, bordering on Euthenasia for the Elderly. Tim Hortons has horribly poor quality food — loaded with hydrogenated oils, white flour and sugar. The sandwiches and soup are so laden with sodium my tongue is sore. Is this some kind of end-of life instinct, like dolphins beaching themselves, to go to Tims?

The coffee is pretty bad…but if I am in a hurry and have no alternative…I will drink it. And I drink my coffee black and unsweetened. But I like my own cup of Jo at home best of all. Usually they taste just fine. They seem fresh most of the time, even though they are mass produced in a factory and frozen. They are finished on site with icings, glazes and garnishes.

For donuts…I prefer Country Style. They are bigger and they taste pretty good as far as donuts go. They offer more bang for the buck! I once got served by someone who was picking the zits on her face just before bagging my muffin! I chucked the muffin. They have people handling the money at the drive through also handling the food. But, I still cannot stand for bad service. It is your job to create good service, its in your job description. I realize working with customers anywhere can be challenging.

But in the end, it is what you make of it. We have speed of service time and we try to get every car away from the window in about 25 seconds. Oh and I do agree that our stores are laid our very poorly! Clearly it seems the management wants to save money and I feel sorry for the employees who works there. Lot of staff turnover for this reason. The management needs to open their wallet to employ at the peak hours. They deserved to be pulled up and somebody complain to labour board about the management for sucking the blood of workers there.

Anyone that complains, and yet drinks Tim Hortons coffee, I have no empathy for them. Tim Hortons is the worst coffee one can purchase. You may as well go to Mc Donalds. Then again, people in Ontario do not have any conception of what real coffee is. You cannot find a decent place in Ontario in which to buy coffee. The only place that comes close and fails at the same time is the Second Cup and Starbucks.

Tim Hortons coffee is a cheap and inferior grade of coffee. Even going to the super market to buy coffee is better than Tim Hortons and that, is going some. I know my comment will make many people upset, however, it is a fact. Tim Hortons coffee is garbage. I get my food, only to find out there are no napkins and no spoon. So here I am drinking my mediocre soup like an idiot. How about the fact that for me it appears to be a coin toss between this type of awful service and getting the proper basic service.

Love spending my money on that. However their food is just terrible. Their breakfast sandwich on an english muffin is soggy as fuck. I order it, soggy as fuck. I risk that coin toss and hope for heads.. Makes me sick when you think about the quality of their products. If shitty products equals Canadian pride then we as canadians are idiots. I just arrived home after a 2 week vacation in the maritimes. When we travel, we enjoy walks and hikes as our busy schedules only allow for treadmills or stationary bikes.

Everywhere we went we saw Tim Hortons cups, not just a few, mountains, shores, paths, etc. I have never enjoyed their product and avoid it like the plague. The mass minipulation that this conglomerate washes over Canadians sickens me. Wanna be Canadian, and drink their crap, at least hide the evidence in a proper way. You have already sold out, at least have a little pride in where you live.

I highly doubt you have been to every single TH store and met every single employee. The ones in my city, especially the morning crew, are extremely efficient.

And the coffee is NOT terrible in my opinion, I enjoy it very much. As for not being always fresh, that depends entirely on the individual store and what the manager is doing. As for the cups not being recyclable.. If you care about the environment then use your own cup, dumbass. Every time I had ever gotten a bagel with creamcheese they spread it like a 2year old making a mud castle and theres no creamcheese in the bagel it all seems to get pushed into the hole in the middle if I wanted that id go buy a tub of creamcheese and eat it with a spoon also my girlfriend gets a bagel the other day with butter and they butter one side of it leaving the other side dry there English muffin breakfast sandwich is never toasted enough its like something youd serve to a 76 year old lady with no teeth and there sausage patty has had some weird chunks of mystery meat in the that I had to stop chewing and chase it whole with some of there warm milksugarwater excuse for coffee.

My mom owns an italian deli and thats where tims got the panini idea. The franchise closest stole the idea!!!!! Why do their bread products bagels, bread, etc. I had to stop eating there…their sandwiches and such taste artificial…. Secondly, you can have whatever coffee you drink, its still by far the best coffee I have taste and I have been to many countries in our world. The power of the US dollar means that in order to buy technology and manufactured goods, poor countries are trapped into producing more and more food for export to the States.

Millions of acres of the best farmland in poor contries are being used for our benefit — for tea, coffee, tobacco, etc. Tim Hortons is a horrible company. And the employees suck ass too. I asked for double cup and the bitch at the counter gave me sleeves and told me to fuck off. The managers are no better. The abuse ranges from making you cry to accusing you of lies.

Hope it goes to shitters. Fuck you, Tim Hortons. Tim Hortons hires Temporary Foreign Workers. Just let that sink into your mind for a sec. I assure you science proves that without oxidation it will remain fresh for a given time which is also why there are use before dates on the package. There are several steps to certain drinks that take a tiny bit of time to make such as Iced Capps and Lattes. You had some good facts there in the beginning but lost my interest when you started guessing and it turned into more of a temper tantrum because you may have had a slightly negative experience once.

I work at tim hortons and this is wrong. Always Fresh means the coffee pots are timed for 20 mins after, and sometimes this may be delayed a bit more but mistakes like that can happen anywhere. I actually work at tim hortons, and prior to what I used to think, they work really hard.

It runs on customers, hundreds, coming daily. Wow, youreally deserved your mental issues, dear. People are so ignorant. Tims is fucking gross. We have about 20 restaurants in town and they are always full. The sheep never cease to amaze me. The average consumer has no clue as to what quality coffee is and tend to follow everyone else around like sheep. They can be easily bought off roll up the rim by the chance to win a free product, irrespective of the quality of that product.

And yes…I am a Starbucks fan. I am more than happy to pay a significantly higher price for a cup of coffee if it means I will get a significantly better product and better service. It would be far better if Tims customers just honestly admitted they have no clue as to what a good coffee really tastes like instead of constantly defending the undefendable.

The bottom line is that Tims has ZERO interest in providing a top quality product through top quality service. All they want is every last cent from your pocket. The employees need to be given a break on this though. They can only work within the tools and systems they are given. Many have very good reasons why they work there…as we ALL do for our own jobs.

But I refuse to accept any employee whining. If you do not like it there are plenty of other options available if you put the effort into it. But this ends up causing a employees to not care and therefore incorrect orders. I once in …last time I went to Tims ordered a medium decaf with 2 cream and an apple fritter. When I got my order it was a medium black tea so loaded with sugar I almost got diabetes just from looking at it, and a maple dip.

The order could not have been more incorrect. This is what you do. How could you get BOTH of them wrong on my order? It is the irrational and laughable pride Canadians harbour for everything Canadian that prevents them to notice. Maybe you should put the blame on the people who ran the store, not on the franchise.

Students usually work minimum wage jobs, they are full of potential. Canadians can sometimes seem so naive and duped… lol. And they are an unethical company too. It also has a strange aftertaste.

Their soups are awful. Their Cream of Mushroom soup is very gelatinous. Some stay at their stations and things go great and are organized, others float around and screw things up. We see a LOT of weirdos, no matter where we are, because we see everybody.

Everybody comes to Tim Hortons. We generally speak very loud when the environment is loud and we expect you to do the same. Everybody hates you now. We are not smiling inside. The drive-though is supposed to be extra quick. A couple drinks, or a sandwich or 2, or a couple side items or something. Get out and come inside, because there is a line-up of customers behind you tryna get a quick coffee on their way to work, and they hate you too.

You want a pack of 12 doughnuts. Tell me you want a 12 pack, I will put it in your order, then we will proceed to the display and you can tell me which ones AS I get them for you. I am not a robot. We watch it happen. Order a drink and a side item or anything quick. We are fast, but we are still only human. We will lose our jobs. Come in, politely make your order clear, take it, and go, and we will love you.

People are people, and some people are dicks. But for those of us who will act like you mean the world to us even though we just wanna go home, please, just… come on.

What is so annoying is that when coffee is brewed with too little coffee, it gets a strong chemical taste, so people think its too strong and complain so they use less coffee. McDonalds had great coffee when they first advertised they have changed to a good coffee..

But even when it was actually good at that time it was not consistent. One McD would be great, then the next outlet would make it too weak again. Coffee should not be clear looking in the pot! Making weak coffee is much like making watery hot chocolate!

Personally, I am really fed up! No matter which brand we buy for home, it is pretty bad too. Every once in a while we find another good package but never consistent. I used to purchase a brand various for a long period of time and it was always good. Now it is hopeless! I just got another brand i used to use for years and it is so awful, there is no way to brew it that it is bearable to drink. But, of course, if the public mixes their coffee with so much sugar and cream sweeter than i would even use on pancakes we dont have a hope.

I just moved to a smaller city and to add insult to injury, they even screwed up Starbucks coffee which i had gone to because at least it is usually not watery… I took it back to counter and she remade a pot stating that the boss said to use that amount of coffee..

And I actually tried drinking tea but it is basically the same story…. I totally agree with most of the above! There was always that great coffee aroma as far back as i can remember not bad up to probably up to years ago..

Will either return this or dump in in garbage where it belongs. There is probably an HR department reserved only for managers and owners. I hope you realize those brown things that come out of that shiny silver bag you open and pour into that white thing called a filter are grinds of coffee beans… maybe finish high school before you post. First of all, the owner at my store would make us use the cups that had fallen on the floor, and serve them to customers just to save a few cents.

Secondly, she would make us erase the time on a coffee pot that had expired, and add another 20 minutes until it was empty. There are so many things I could list that are inherently wrong with this company and the way it runs. Their coffee is also horribly weak and tastes like cardboard. I travelled Canada recently and the only decent coffee I had was from a friend with an espresso machine and imported beans.

First off, this post is 7 years old, Dark Roast did not exist at that time. Secondly, Dark Roast is not an improvement. I think it represents Tim Hortons management misunderstanding what their competitors are offering.

Tim Hortons totally sucks. May I have a wrap. No you cannot have a wrap. Tim hor tons closed every store in Syracuse over night without any warning 16 stores closed right before the holidays!!! They are the worst company ever.

And should be boycotted!!!!!!! You want to talk to your fucking friends, do it when you know: Robins is still pretty big down here in the Martimes though, but they pretty much destroyed them elsewhere. I had to wait 45 minutes during a blizzard with only one car ahead of me, who only ordered a medium coffee and there was nobody in the store, either. The cashier was too busy talking to her friend about bullshit instead of serving customers.

We are supposed to put a fresh pot on before serving the next customer, but after serving our current customer. I understand that a customer would be upset if they had to wait an extra 3 minutes for their sandwich to be made, but I sometimes get yelled at for it BY the customer.

When I work counter, I take their order, make their coffee, grab their donut, and then make their sandwich. They do come in on shipments and we add the fondant and whatnot onto the donut, but it has a shelf life before we have to throw them away.

Because of the amount we actually throw away, they have it so we make as little as possible. The higher-ups certainly would write us up if we made more and nobody bought any. The higher-ups are so focused on drive thru times that we literally have no choice but to serve that coffee. At my place, pur specialty beverage machine only has 3 slots.

With 5 specialty beverages, we have to constantly switch out each hopper. We also gotta run all the way to the other side of the store when someone wants an expresso shot. Miss Universe Canada , Siera Bearchell , was present for the ribbon-cutting ceremony. In , Tim Hortons announced that they would be opening stores in the United Kingdom starting in Glasgow saw the first UK store open its doors on June 2, , with a further store opening in Bishopbriggs in November In November , two stores in Cardiff opened.

In December , two further stores were opened in Trafford in the towns of Sale and Altrincham. Tim Hortons opened its first 2 stores in Northern Ireland in In December , Tim Hortons opened two stores in the center of Madrid and soon they will open one in the city of Pozuelo, near Madrid, which is the autonomous community state. The menu also includes typical Mediterranean drinks apart from the typical drinks of a Tim Hortons. The parent company of Cold Stone Creamery , Kahala, announced in February that it had reached an agreement with Tim Hortons to open up to co-branded stores in the United States after successfully testing two locations in Rhode Island.

Tim Hortons has outlets located on at least seven Canadian Forces Bases. The brochure does not list ingredient information. However, the pricing may vary since it is a franchise so the cost of each item may be slightly different depending on the owner of the location. Originally featuring Pepsi products via fountain machines, the retailer changed in the mids to Coca-Cola products.

For a time they offered bottled and canned Coca-Cola products, but switched back to bottled and canned Pepsi products in Despite an expansion in their food offerings around , the brand remained heavily dependent on coffee sales. The "original blend" is a medium, balanced roast that is the most popular served coffee in Canada. In November , the company announced that they would be adding espresso machines in 1, of their locations, later that month.

In February , they offered a new beverage, White Hot Chocolate, in select branches. In addition to the Creamy Chocolate Chill, they also launched a Maple Chill, a maple milkshake topped with regular whipped cream and sprinkled with maple flakes. The menu contains a number of other baked goods, such as doughnut holes branded as Timbits , muffins , croissants , tea biscuits , cookies , rolls, danishes , and bagels.

Since the mids, the chain has moved into other areas beyond donuts and coffee, including specialty and premium items such as New York-style cheesecake , and a lunch selection that includes soups, chili, and submarine -style sandwiches.

In fall , the chain began rolling out a breakfast sandwich. The sandwich consists of an egg patty, processed cheese slice, either ham, bacon or sausage as the topper, and is placed on either a biscuit, English muffin or bagel.

This was discontinued and replaced a year later with the barbecue and ranch chicken wrap snackers. In December , they introduced hash browns and the "Bagel B. The deal called for each chain to convert 50 stores into dual-operation franchises, for a total of stores.

The idea was successfully tested at two stores in Rhode Island. Coupled with the expansion and expanded menu came the outsourcing of baked goods. Doughnuts, which used to be made at night to be ready for the morning rush, are now parbaked — partly cooked and then frozen and delivered to every restaurant in Canada from Brantford , Ontario.

Tim Hortons switch to a parbaking system disappointed some customers, who noted that it contradicts the chain's "always fresh" slogan. David Swick reported in the Halifax Daily News on September 19, , Tim Hortons outlets in Atlantic Canada would no longer serve fresh donuts, but rather donuts that had been remotely factory-fried and then frozen and shipped. A New York Times article contrasted the baked from scratch at stores approach of Krispy Kreme and some Dunkin' Donuts locations compared to the "flash frozen" and shipped Tim Hortons method.

The Times article also noted an apparent scarcity of doughnut specialties such as the dutchie at newly opened Tim Hortons stores in New York City. Noting that "American visitors tend to flock to the sweets", including the "raisin-studded Dutchie", the Times found redemption among Canadians that the brand was once again a Canada-based company while contrasting the way politicians in the US "woo" soccer moms while in Canada they "go after Tim Hortons voters". Canadian Business magazine named Tim Hortons as the best-managed brand in Canada in and Since , Tim Hortons has been the title sponsor of the Brier , the annual Canadian men's curling championships, along with the Canadian Ringette Championships.

Shortly before December , they discontinued their gift certificates, and replaced them with the Quickpay Tim Card, [] with the Christmas slogan "Because it's hard to wrap a double double" coffee with two sugars and two cream. Many locations still accept gift certificates, however. In September , Tim Hortons courted controversy by mandating that employees were not to wear red as part of the Red Fridays campaign by families of the military to show support for Canadian troops.

Within a few hours, Tim Hortons partially reversed its position and has allowed staff in Ontario stores to wear red ribbons or pins to show support for the wear red on Fridays campaign. On July 12, , it was announced that Tim Hortons had acquired the naming rights to the new stadium being built in Hamilton, Ontario.

The new stadium took on the name of Tim Hortons Field. It became the home stadium of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in In June , Tim Hortons pulled a four-week advertising campaign by energy company Enbridge from its in-store "Tims TV" service after three weeks following a petition by the advocacy group, SumOfUs. Even though the ads were part of a general "Life Takes Energy" campaign introduced by Enbridge the previous year, the group argued that Tim Hortons' airing of the ads implied an endorsement of controversial projects under development by Enbridge, such as the Northern Gateway pipeline , going on to say that "Enbridge's ad campaign uses attractive actors, cute kids and high production values to hide the real truth — its tar sands project will put ecosystems, salmon and wildlife in danger, create virtually no local jobs, and accelerate climate change.

As of , over 31 million prizes were distributed each year, [] including vehicles, televisions, and store products. Customers determine if they have won prizes by unrolling the rim on their paper cups when they have finished their drink, revealing the result underneath.

Prizes are not distributed randomly country-wide; each of the company's distribution regions has distinct prize-winning odds. Wilson explained his company had created a new cup design that allowed a message to be printed under the rim; the cup type cost no more than the current one and could enable a promotion, like a contest.

The contest is popular enough that Paul Kind has invented the Rimroller as seen on Dragons' Den , a device for rolling up the rim mechanically.

The younger girl had found a cup in the garbage bin and could not roll up the rim, so requested the help of an older girl. Once the winning cup was revealed, the older girl's family stated that they deserved the prize.

Tim Hortons originally stated that they would not intervene in the dispute. He claimed that his unnamed client had thrown out the cup and was the rightful recipient of the prize.

The cups were white, with a Maple Leaf in red, and clip-art of fireworks. It launched June 28, and ran till July 31, or while supplies lasted. In , Tim Hortons added a digital application, Scroll Up the Rim , that gives participants an extra chance to win. The prizes are limited to coffee drinks and doughnuts and there are a total of , prizes available until March 6, Tim Hortons is popularly known as "Timmies". The media routinely refer to its iconic status, despite this being a relatively recent development; there were only a few outlets before the chain's expansion in the late s and s.

Canadian author Pierre Berton once wrote: It is a story of success and tragedy, of big dreams and small towns, of old-fashioned values and tough-fisted business, of hard work and of hockey. Some commentators have bemoaned the rise of Tim Hortons as a national symbol. Rudyard Griffiths, director of The Dominion Institute , wrote in the Toronto Star in July that the ascension of the chain to the status of cultural icon was a "worrying sign" for Canadian nationalism, adding, "Surely Canada can come up with a better moniker than the Timbit Nation.

The recognition of Tim Hortons as a Canadian icon has permeated into American culture as the result of product placement efforts in conjunction with a marketing agency. The chain has since embraced that comment as an unofficial slogan and has used it in promotional advertisements to emphasize their fixture in modern Canadian culture. The chain has also been featured in the TV series Homeland as a result of the aforementioned product placement campaign.

The store promotes itself through the "Tim Horton Children's Foundation. The foundation's highest-profile fundraiser is Camp Day, which is held annually on the Wednesday of the first full week in June. All proceeds from coffee sales at most Tim Hortons locations, as well as proceeds from related activities held that day, are donated to the foundation.

Joyce's work with the Tim Horton Children's Foundation earned him the Gary Wright Humanitarian Award in , presented periodically in recognition of contributions to the betterment of community life throughout Canada. After a brief but escalating argument with the employee, the woman was seen taking a fistful of napkins from the counter, dropping her shorts, and defecating on the floor. She then proceeded to take the feces in her hand and throw it at the employee, followed by the napkins she used as toilet paper.

The Great White North Franchisee Association, which formed in to represent Tim Hortons franchises due to frustrations with Restaurant Brands International the parent company of Tim Hortons and Burger King has been involved in a series of ongoing disputes with the head office of Tim Hortons. GWBFA gas filed class action lawsuits against the Restaurant Brands International over overinflated head office pricing and the misuse of their advertising fund.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the restaurant chain. For the ice hockey player who co-founded the chain, see Tim Horton. Corporate headquarters in Oakville, Ontario , Canada. Timbits and Dutchie doughnut. Toronto portal Companies portal Food portal Coffee portal.

Retrieved March 29, Retrieved December 31, Retrieved March 8, Archived from the original on November 18, Retrieved November 14, The Globe and Mail. Breaded seasoned white meat chicken topped with savoury bacon, real cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo.

Lightly Breaded, seasoned white meat, fresh lettuce and tomato, topped with mayo on a ciabatta bun. We absolutely love tim hortons lunch and coffee! We enjoy it whenever where ever. We picked up some delicious soup and sandwiches then headed to the cabin for lunch. We had to walk to the cabin through the forest so before we left we put the tailgate down and had our outdoor picnic. Wouldn't have had it any other way. Homestyle chili, the way it was intended.

Ground beef, kidney beans, tomatoes and more simmered to perfection. A guest favourite since, well, forever. These bite-sized blasts of flavour come in various Snack Pack sizes, so pick one up today! Add items to meal. Some of the reasons we're your favourite coffee Our Lattes Hand-crafted and made to order just for you. Coffee Partnership Help us improve the lives of coffee farmers. RRRoll up the Rim Amazing prizes make your favourite coffee even better!

What are you in the mood for today? We've always got a fresh pot on.

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At one time, Robin's was equal to Tim's, but they fell asleep and basically got obliterated.

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Sounds to me like you like to find a lot of excuses. You would be doing them a favor by directing your complaints to the Tim Horton's corporation.

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