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With MOOCs and similar courses , the existing technology is significantly better utilized than with simple learning videos. Of course some conventional education providers also try to present traditional distance learning as "e-learning". The study letters, which were invented decades ago, are then sent to the students as an electronic pdf document instead of by post.

In our view, however, these providers have not quite understood online learning yet. This form of distance education is therefore expected to lose importance. What kind of online courses can I find in the Edukatico directory? Over recent years, this has continuously been developed into web-based training available online via the Internet.

The almost unlimited possibilities of transmitting information on the Internet is thus systematically used for teaching purposes. And every day new content is added. For universities, teaching alongside research is the main task of the entire institution. Many years ago, students began to use digital technologies for their studies. For example, lectures were recorded on video and made available over the Internet. The accompanying documents for the lecture are often provided on demand via digital learning platforms or Learning Management Systems LMS.

And the digital transformation of the university environment will continue to accelerate in the near future. With the progressive development of digital technologies, further applications in e-learning were introduced in recent years. At the beginning, e-learning was mainly understood as a digital version of the knowledge transfer i. Meanwhile, however, new forms of digital learning and teaching have arisen.

Countless learning apps have been developed and online courses created. Mobile use of these services is also growing rapidly. The development of MOOCs was one of the most important milestones of the past 10 years. It remains to be seen whether the rather complicated acronym "MOOC" will be permanently used for these kinds of online courses.

But the expressions and terms are really of secondary importance. The term "e-learning" looks slightly outdated to some. Nevertheless, digital learning should not be dismissed as a pure buzz word. Modern digital learning brings many fundamental changes to the rules of the game. The digital distribution of learning content can be done with "zero marginal cost". The content once produced can be transmitted to other learners with virtually no additional cost.

Once created, a MOOC can without any additional effort have large numbers of learners sometimes hundreds of thousands of participants simultaneously. This in turn has a strong impact on access to education for new learners. Flexible training when needed, fast learning opportunities around the world in an infinite number of areas and a more cost-effective access for previously disadvantaged groups of learners are thus made possible.

Tens of thousands of participants from developing countries in certain MOOCs are just one example. Distance learning with flexibility in regard to location and time has been around for several decades.

Often, however, the rather isolated learning experience as well as the difficulty of the long-term motivation of the participants were criticized.

With the use of digital communication opportunities, interactive communication between students and with the instructor is possible in addition to greater flexibility with respect to time and place. Thus, for learners, a fully-fledged learning experience becomes possible online. The next innovation level will be virtual reality applications. To the interactivity, they further add "immersion" in the 3D learning experience.

Until recently, universities only granted access to their elite knowledge to students who were enrolled there. These students previously had to overcome difficult hurdles and commit to their studies over many years.

Other educational institutions with their rich offerings were also strictly bound in place and time. The digital distribution opportunities now enable society as a whole to easily participate in these high-quality educational teachings. Any state-financed university should be open to the general tax-paying public anyway. With this democratization of education , knowledge can be shared with society as a whole in a much fairer manner.

And the often sought after lifelong learning is thus significantly easier for everyone interested in his or her education. Actually, there is not even a need for a fundamental discussion about the pros and cons of "e-learning in general", because a stronger digital component of education is — as in other areas of society — unstoppable.

It can therefore only be a question of identifying possible opportunities or potential problem areas. In our view, even the few opportunities mentioned here can have massive positive effects. The better transparency and democratization of education provide better prospects for new groups of learners and for society as a whole. The concerns sometimes voiced do not seem to be fundamental obstacles to a further development of digital learning.

For example, social contacts do not have to be neglected just because someone is completing an online course. And regarding legal issues such as copyrights: Although these would certainly need to be clarified in each individual case, they do not seem to generally prevent online learning. Rather, in our view, practical issues such as a scarcity of resources and budget constraints are the real hurdles which need to be overcome.

The practical applications of e-learning are very diverse. They range from the technical support of classroom teaching e. E-learning is used wherever modern teaching methods are applied to convey educational content flexibly. But scientists realised that it had to be fixed urgently and are now due to update it on January 30 — a move that was delayed due to the current US Government shutdown.

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Meanwhile, however, new forms of digital learning and teaching have arisen.

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