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How To Make Sure Profits With NSE Option Chain And Nifty Put Call Ratio?

with High accuracy and best signals. Starting from Rs 1000 pm.

Bank Nifty Live OI Change. Bank Nifty Live OI Change Chart can give very useful clues for intraday support and resistance levels for Bank Nifty. Open Interest to determine Support and Resistance: Open Interest data can give very useful clues to determine Support and Resistance. e.g. if PE has highest open interest, traders perceive it as important support for the current expiry.

Bank Nifty Live OI Change

Bank Nifty represents the 12 most liquid and large capitalised stocks from the banking sector which trade on the National Stock Exchange (NSE).

When there are huge put standing in market it means almost all traders are with puts. No one to buy new puts so its almost a market bottom. Start buying calls now. However in extreme cases PCR can be much higher than 1. Indrajit is a professional blogger and trading system developer. Trading since , he has started the journey of StockManiacs. He follows Indian and world stock markets closely. You will get fewer trades in this but sure shot trades.

Yes sir i am observed in bank nifty i am getting PCR 1. But in Nifty it is coming close like 1. For example if pe is having more OI we have to check nifty spot price or future price for support?? PCR is not calculated for a particular strike price. Just newly joined in this site, still working on how to watch changes in OI and the question of Call Put and Writings how to differentiate?

There should be better software that gives quick updates on changes in OI, bullish and bearish trend for indexes as wall as stocks!!! Your email address will not be published. Adani Ports Asian Paints Ltd. Bajaj Auto Bajaj Finance Ltd. Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. St Bk of India Sun Pharma. Tata Motors Titan Company Ltd. Wipro Yes Bank Zee Entertainment. The team at NiftyTrader. Please Enter Confirm Password Password does not match.

And if you trade the first ones and loss for continuous 5 days all your capital goes in gutter. HI sir , i want to know that this excel sheet which you have published how it works. How many times in a day it gives buy sell signals. Does it give signals only once after 15 min of market open or it continues to give signal whole day. Plz also tell me this excel sheet i need to download once or daily new file needs to be downloaded. What is the rule to enter in the position.

Plz guide me sir, i am very glad to know about your excel sheet trading system. We are glad that you liked this system. That is the reason we suggest to take trades within mins of market open, and if the signal disappear after taking the trade then you should immediately exit. You need not to download this excel sheet at all as its completely online and gets updated in daily basis.

Please read the other queries posted in this page for complete clarification. I also want to read the answer. First of all …Lets understand one simple fact that Admin is trying hard to simplify trading and that too FREE of cost by putting his time and energy…. If you mix all you would only exploring and not doing trades just by analysis you would be confused.

My dear friends Market itself is dynamic is here any Mark Faber who will tell tomorrow market will be points up or down by closing?

Admin will control this type of abusive words or else no point for making others disturbed because of one funny fellow. Hi Traders here, shall we form a group of us for trading using this input here? Birds of same feathers flock together. If we form a group we can enjoy trading activity. Let us put equal capital, let us trade same scrip by all, let us enter at same price same stop loss same target. Working together is good. We will decide our goal. We will trade together to achieve our goal.

Viral, how old are you? What trading do you do? How much is your trading capital? Do you follow signals from here and trade in cash? Are you a full time time trader? How much you lost so far and how much you earned? I am full time trading and my broking business also am looking after….

Of past two years have developed http: Lastly dont go personal as how much do i know you and why will tell u what I have earned and lost. Pablo, Request you to avoid abusive words or personal remarks in your comments.

Any non-adherence to this going forward will ban your comments permanently from this blog. I apologise you and all. Please delete my all comments here. I am really very very sorry to all of you. I am extremely sorry. I am going through very bad days. I am sorry yaar. You remove all my comments and you are doing great job. High and Low can change anytime during market hours and that can wipe out the signals. Please read the above comments, this question has been answered multiple times for you.

I have small queries on this strategy.. Hello Admin, suppose I applied 1 hr heikin ashi chart. When will know open,high,low of the candle? At the start of the candle itself?

Close everyone knows i. Admin ji, PLease confirm , do i need to trade any stock only around 9: Price touched at Went off from chart. This game is most dangerous. Sir Ji, there is no guarantee in trading. Its just a game of probability, otherwise everyone would have been billionaires.

Dear Admin you are absolutely right. This is game of probability. Otherwise everyone would have become Bill Gates sitting at home with less capital. Your effort is giving free live feed to those who want is admirable. Actually I wanted only Rs.

I am in search of a strategy or research done by anyone which will give me this income. If anyone has ready made strategy please help me. I do not want to become rich. I want to run my house. Good scientists would predict rain correctly most of the time, but no guarantee and we still ALL follow and respect it: Enter after 30 min means at 9.

On NSE website also todays open is I do not want to know. Say I want to trade only one scrip. How to select that only one scrip can you tell me? Or can you highlight one sure scrip for the guys like me? I do not have money to trade all scrips nor manpower.

I prefer only one. But the one I select must give me atleast 0. One suggestions for u to trade in only one script. Open in sharekhan new marketwatch page and open all scripts in it. In the volume column check the maximum volume script and trade that script.

I appreciate the recommendations given here. I have been looking at these since last 3 days. Overall the profit opportunities are reasonably good. I have one query. When you recommend an entry price, does it mean we should not enter the trade even if the price is in profitable direction? For example — if you recommend Long for a stock with entry price as , but its LTP is 95 at 9: Some stock brokerages recommend entry price in the way I mentioned above, hence this question.

Please let me know. Yes during Sideways trend, the accuracy is low. Utkrsh which strategy has very high accuracy ratio? Do you have any that type of strategy?

If yes, share here. From intraday trading no one can earn any money. Hi Utkarsh, Please drop me an email at support tradingtuitions.

Patience is the key to succeed in stock markets. Its your wish if you do no approve of intraday methods, but please stop spreading negativity at public forum. It is so tragedy for trading you know literally there is no clear cut indicator which tells you buy or sell. It is pure luck, probability. I was reluctant to act on any tips providers tips. One bastard told his charges are 6k pm and I must try his free call.

I asked him how to know what to buy when to buy what is target? He said he has researchers. I asked what is their qulification, from where they got those certificates? He told he is giving me live support. The moment I bought it started falling down so sharply. Till I exit I lost 9k. I sent him so abusive messages for 10 days unbelievable. In this game no one can claim he is master. How I made mistake I could not understand. There are unlimited free live tips with stop loss. Trade as much as you want.

You need minimum 1 crore capital to trade. The same is with option. Buy call ITM of same. It can become private limited trading company officially registered one. I do not understand who must be working with these paid tips providers. The problem is with limited money you can trade. You select only one and signal went wrong after five min you are dead. You need to trade atleast 15 scrips. Disclaimer is always there at bottom.

Trading is subject to xxxxyyyzz. The one who will invent sure indicator he will earn huge money by patenting it. Otherwise same will continue. You bought price went down. You sold price went up.

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I am trying to convince them to give buy sell signals in only 5 liquid volatile stocks and you want this to become Economics Times news paper.

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You bought price went down.

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