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Contact. Richmond Association of REALTORS® Three Chopt Road Richmond, Virginia Directions & Hotel Guide. Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday: AM – PM. In electronic commerce, conversion marketing is marketing with the intention of increasing conversions--that is, site visitors who are paying customers. The process of improving the conversion rate is called conversion rate optimization.

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Core and More Technologies is a leading and full-service digital marketing agency. See how our approach and processes lead to award-winning results.

Read our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy. These cookies are essential, as they enable you to navigate the website and use our Services. We use them to store your preferences and keep you logged in. Opeepl uses analytics services to gather data about how Respondents use our service. We use it to detect problems, and to improve our services and features. Opeepl partners with other platforms for marketing and retargeting purposes.

We may show ads to you on other platforms, but only if you opt in. References How it works? Get instant insights from consumers globally. How can you get creative with your offer? In our case, we realized that offering prospects a free trial of WordStream software really wasn't very imaginative or compelling. We had to think outside the box don't you love that phrase?

What we came up with was our free AdWords Grader , which actually gives people an account evaluation report, with recommendations to help them improve their Google Ads strategy.

This was a HUGE turning point for us. Prospects loved it and conversions went through the roof. So how do you know if your offer stinks? But the real way we figured out how our offer stunk was by asking our customers. We added one form field on our landing page form to ask people what they wanted our help with — and it wasn't a free software trial.

Brainstorm, ask your customers, and come up with more unique offers to test. You'll never know which one is the winner until you try some new offers out. In the above example, you can see the first landing page version and just how much information people had to provide before they could download the software trial. Clearly, this was too much for many prospects. It was daunting and discouraging — not the kind of user experience you want on your landing page.

Here you can see their new landing page iteration, which turned out to be an exponentially better performer. They've changed the flow so that anyone can download and install the file. At the last step, the user is asked to register the software. At this point, they've already spent 10 or 15 minutes with the software and are far more likely to invest the time in completing the information form. This was actually so effective that they were overwhelmed with conversions.

They ended up backing off slightly and using the registration to find more qualified leads, by asking for the information one week after the download, once their prospects had time to sit and get to know their software.

Changing the flow helped them boost conversions, but also manage lead quality in a far more effective way. Here's another great example, where the advertiser realized their landing page offer didn't necessarily speak to the person who would be performing a search. In their case, a loved one or friend might be seeking help. This advertiser decided they would let the visitor choose their own flow. This was incredibly effective not only for conversion, but also in segmentation for their remarketing and lead nurturing efforts.

So what's the takeaway here? Find the flow that works best for your prospects and use it to boost conversion rate and qualify your leads. Remarketing helps you get in front of these people with targeted, relevant messaging as they take part in other activities around the web, like email, watching YouTube videos, using social networks or searching for information. Check out my post at Moz for a deep dive into this incredibly effective tactic. Let's talk about effort for a minute. What do you need to put into CRO to find your own unicorn landing pages?

To understand this, let's look at the relative abundance of these top performers:. On average, you should be testing four unique landing pages — with varying offers, flow and messaging — to find that one awesome landing page. Here, we've analyzed an e-commerce account with unique landing pages.

About a third of traffic goes to the top most-trafficked landing page in their account. You don't need to make thousands and thousands of landing pages. You need to find the top performers you already have and focus your efforts there. How can you improve their performance? Cut the fat, stop wasting time on the low performers — in fact, just get rid of them. In such cases, a single pageview would result in one impression for each ad displayed.

In order to count the impressions served as accurately as possible and prevent fraud, an ad server may exclude certain non-qualifying activities such as page-refreshes or other user actions from counting as impressions. When advertising rates are described as CPM or CPI, this is the amount paid for every thousand qualifying impressions served at cost.

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In the above example, you can see the first landing page version and just how much information people had to provide before they could download the software trial.

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Clearly, this isn't some anomaly; this is perfectly attainable. Across all of the high-performing landing pages, we saw massively creative and differentiated offers.

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