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Dow Jones Industrial Average, introduced in , is a price-weighted index which shows the dynamics of prices of the 30 largest, well-known US companies. About this chart. This page includes full information about the Dow Jones Index, including the Dow Jones Index live chart and dynamics on the chart by choosing any of 8 available time frames.

Dow Jones 30 Index Technical Analysis

The Dow Jones Industrial Average also called the Dow 30, or simply the Dow is a stock market index well-known share index in the USA. It is created by Wall Street Journal editor and Dow Jones and Company co-founder Charles Dow.

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The Trump administration is weakening the global trading system. So according to market capitalization, most of the companies that make up their index are based on price-weighted index.

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Every next day this exchange becomes larger and larger and after all, on 2 January , the number of stocks represented in wall street journal becomes 12 to There is nothing that makes Price-weighted index inferior to the market.

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