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The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell points, or %, to 22,, the S&P index, shed points, or %, to 2,, while the Nasdaq Composite, tumbled points, or 3%. About Dow Jones Dow Jones is a global provider of news and business information, delivering content to consumers and organizations around the world across .

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Even the occurrences of the Rwandan Genocide and the Second Congo War , termed as "Africa's World War" that involved 8 separate African nations which together between the two killed over 5 million people, didn't seem to have any noticeable negative financial impact on the Dow either.

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In , Charles Dow composed his first stock average, which contained nine railroads and two industrial companies that appeared in the Customer's Afternoon Letter , a daily two-page financial news bulletin which was the precursor to The Wall Street Journal. PwC assessed the controls over the monitoring, processing and updating of sanctions information, as well as company-level, technology and quality check controls.

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