Human contributions

Human contributions.

Contextual translation of "sovrapposte" from Italian into French. Examples translated by humans: plus vite, concomitant, surcollages, barre empilée, gène chevauchant. Contextual translation of "ano gusto mong tawag ko sayo" into English. Human translations with examples: i like you, you want to fuck, i am your fb frnd.

French Les modifications l'identification. French - Vous savez qui je suis? French Challenger, puissance maxi. Italian - Paure sovrapposte. Italian Cosa significa sovrapposte? Italian Geni a sequenze sovrapposte. French Il y a eu une autre fusillade en voiture aujourd'hui au centre-ville. French sondage avec recouvrement. Contains invisible HTML formatting. Geni a sequenze sovrapposte. This alignment may be wrong.

Please delete it you feel so. Il y a eu une autre fusillade en voiture aujourd'hui au centre-ville. Vous avez le droit d'avoir peur et de demander une compensation. Sono come due diapositive sovrapposte. C'est comme deux lames de vacances Au dessus de chacun d'eux. English What can I do for you. Tagalog ano gusto mo sir.

Tagalog gusto mong iwan ako. English you want to leave me. Tagalog Alam mo naman kung ano gusto ko. English You know where I'm going. Tagalog Ano ang gusto mong baguhin ngayong taon. English you want to change. Tagalog ano ba talaga ang gusto mong mangyari. English what exactly you want to happen. Tagalog gusto mong mag gala? English wanna go somewhere? Tagalog ano ang mas gusto mong gawin ngayon. English what do you prefer to do right now.

Tagalog Gusto mong magpahinga? English Do you feel like resting? Tagalog Gusto mong marinig ito. English You're gonna want to hear this. Get a better translation with human contributions.

Tagalog gusto ko sayo. Tagalog Gusto mong marinig ito.

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Italian ascensore a due cabine sovrapposte. Tagalog gusto mong mag gala?

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