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Uprising of the Fallen.

 · Raindrops keep falling on my head - Cover - Für JenniFairy. For the past ten years, The Canadian Fallen Heroes Foundation has partnered with private and public organizations to put a face to the fallen, to share a glimpse into the lives of our soldiers and preserve their memory through memorial. Oak framed prints have been created for and are on display in over communities and thousands more are recognized here where they can be found by visiting.

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Fallen Throne refers to two entities: The storyline referred to as Fallen Throne , described here; and the greater universe in which the Fallen Throne storyline takes place. To disambiguate, the storyline Fallen Throne will be referred to as "the main story". In media, however, it is simply referred to as Fallen Throne. I apologize for the confusion, but this is what happens a story just continually expands into a universe too large for the story to encase in its entirety.

The events of the main story begin with the deposition of the Dark Elf Queen Nualia , after having ruled over the Dark Elf empire of Vael'Aser for three hundred years. She is overthrown by the Usurper Mujeri , who has convinced the Elvish Aristocracy that the Watchers have divined her to be the next Queen of Vael'Aser. Furthermore, she convinces the Aristocracy of charges against Nualia for crimes against the empire, which results in Nualia's exile from Vael'Aser.

To complicate matters, the deposition of Queen Nualia has led to dissension amongst the Aristocracy. There are those situated firmly behind Usurper Mujeri, while there are others who have strong suspicions that Mujeri used dark magic to deceive either the Watchers into divining her, or the Aristocracy into accepting her.

This has led to weak control over Vael'Aser, and with evil at their doorstep and the empire teetering on the edge of collapsing in on itself, Mujeri quickly finds herself acting out of desperation.

A large part of Fallen Throne is that the universe is so vast, while the main story covers such a small subsection of it. As such, Fallen Throne introduces a concept referred to as "soft canon".

In essence, this is a safe-haven for contributing artists to cleanly and semi-official introduce their own ideas into the canon of Fallen Throne. It is considered a "soft" canon because, while it is not authored by the official writers of Fallen Throne , it is believed to fill a region of space that is sufficiently ambiguous.

If you or someone you know is interested in contributing soft canon, please see the soft canon article for details. Please be aware that soft canon does contain spoilers to the main story, as well as potential spoilers for contributed works. I eat ass, like a lot of ass. Photos and videos are a great way to add visuals to your wiki.

Find videos about your topic by exploring Wikia's Video Library. Sign In Don't have an account? Yet when her mother refused to let Maddy help Rafe, view spoiler [insuring he went to prison hide spoiler ] Maddy just rolled over and did as she was told. She never stopped to think for herself or fight for Rafe after he fought for her and got in trouble because of that fight.

And then seven years passed. It just kind of pissed me off. Maddy went from smart to TSTL very quickly and that just made me lose interest in her as a character. The book did have some very good high points. The initial meeting between Maddy and Rafe was awesome! Fully of embarrassment and humor. They did have a few encounters like that. And I wish there had been more because that would have meant more time Maddy and Rafe were together and that would have meant more of a connection.

Basically, there beginning was awesome, the end was great but the middle was missing for me. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. The heroine is just a normal girl next door good kid. Her step-brother comes into her family's life when they are both He's a bad boy with an abusive past.

I loved how they clicked and he immediately felt protective of her. His tough guy front didn't last long when he encountered Madison. The book starts when they are 18 and most of the action takes place during a short time span. The book I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. The book lost something in my opinion when Rafe's actions get him sent to jail and Madison does not write or try to see him. I just didn't understand that.

Fast forward seven years to find Madison had made her dream of being a writer a reality and Rafe has turned his life completely around. They immediately reconnect and take off for their next great adventure together. It's topped off nicely with a sweet epilogue two years after that. Apr 22, Paula rated it it was ok. Where do I begin? The blurb was so promising and I had really big hopes for this book.

It sounded like a great and original take on the stepbrother romance. The premise of the story was great. And there were many reasons for it. The idea for the story was great, different and original. Madison is a young girl, about to go off to college who lives Ugh. Madison is a young girl, about to go off to college who lives with her mother and her step-dad. A son that has his issues with the law and needs a stable home to successfully get through his probation.

They meet and hate each other with a passion, but also fall for each other just as passionately. But to me the characters fell flat. Madison was a good student, with preppy clothes and dreams of being a writer. And she also enjoyed wild parties and wanted to travel. This is all I managed to learn about her from the book. She was lacking personality. He also likes to smoke, listen to music and manages to beat up people at a party. The characters relationship seriously comes out of nowhere.

They go from hate, to sex and falling in love within the blink of an eye and even after I finished it I have no idea what they have in common, what brought them together — other than two conversations, a brawl at a party and sexual attraction. There was no build-up, no way to really care for either of them or their relationship. Why did they care for each other? Why could they not forget each other for years?

What brought them together in the end? The story itself feels rushed. There is no down-time in any way, just rushing from one big even to another with a lot of tell and not enough show. There was no real emotional reaction to the events that happened.

It felt more like a summary than a novel. I love pop culture references in the romance novels I read but I like them to be there occasionally. Here, it was just too much. Most of the time, it just made me roll my eyes. Normally, I can overlook editing issues when the book captures my attention and wins my heart. Here, unfortunately, it was just another let-down. Not only were their multiple spelling errors but mix-ups between first and third person that drove me up the wall.

View all 5 comments. En fin ya dije que los personajes son malos. La historia, ves una piche foto de un presunto delincuente y ya te enamoras. En fin, tal vez a alguien mas le guste pero definitivamente a mi me dio igual. Supongo que las dos estrellas es solo porque la escritura no es mala, aunque tampoco es la mejor del mundo. Apr 29, Red Cheeks Reads rated it really liked it.

Well, color me surprised. I was nervous when my RCR blogger boss, Miranda, assigned this book to me. What can I say? She was smart, she was funny, she was insightful, and she was honest. My room comes with a free girl.

Rafe and his mom finally escape from his stepfather and settle in Colorado to start over. Mia, for reason known only to her, commits suicide leaving a year-old Rafe to the foster care system. An angry young man turns angrier, and in a final act of defiance, the judge gives him a choice — move in with the biological father he has never met for one year or head to prison.

From there, their relationship changes drastically. That is until the consequences of that night force Rafe and Maddie apart for seven long, eventful years. I see endless possibilities, excitement and adventure. This story is a great example of not judging a book by its cover, or in this case title. Apr 02, Amanda Sheila rated it really liked it Shelves: Why, mostly because I quite disagree with Madison's action at some point and I strongly dislike that action of hers.

Madison is a good girl. By good I mean she never did anything funny or breaking the rules, but she's not shy nor introvert, she's just a normal, everyday girl. Until Rafe come into her life. Rafe is her stepdad's son.

He's a bad boy, this close away from jail time and need a place to stay, so he live in Madison's house. But apparently, Rafe's not what Madison's thought he is. What will happen the sparks flies between them but the situation forced them away from each other? Basically, I enjoyed the plot. I squealed with giddiness when Rafe's acting like a jerk yet not in a creepy and dominating way. I've read plenty of stepbrother themed romance before and almost all of them have this, alpha and cruel guy as a Hero and even though I love it, it's good to finally read a different type of Hero.

Rafe's an annoying guy, but annoying in the teenage way. The storyline is simple and quite predictable actually, but to me it's fine because I don't really like plot twists. Plot twits are not good for your heart, people! Anyway, what I don't really like is Madison's actions toward Rafe. I mean, sure he's acting a bit like psycho, but after everything he did to her he's basically safe her in that party right?

He didn't do anything wrong, right? He didn't force Madison to do anything she didn't want. Why did she try to "get over" him and not being on his side when he needed her the most? He's basically alone, right? That's why I can't give this book 4 stars, nor add it to my favorite shelf, because I'm just too mad at Mad. But overall, I enjoyed this book. It's my first Aya Fukunishi book I read and I definitely look forward to read her other books. Plus I liked how she incorporated songs and movies I've never heard or seen before.

Will look them up after this! Oct 12, Vani rated it it was ok. Sep 13, Lupita rated it it was ok. Apr 19, Daniela RC rated it liked it Shelves: Um romance fofinho e querido, mas nada de especial! Sep 17, Mayte Urse rated it it was amazing.

Apr 26, Morilyn rated it it was amazing Shelves: It is, as I said"a sweet short story with a beautiful epilogue. Well plotted, a fun romantic interlude". But it's so much more. Aya Fukunishi's tale is splendid - it's worth reading - go grab it! Apr 05, Colleen rated it it was amazing. I loved this book. From the first word till the last, I was hooked. It was written from Maddy's point of view and in the first person so it felt like she was talking to you personally.

This helped to form a connection with her so that you had trouble putting the book down. I loved how we got to see what she was thinking and there were a few times that I had a little chuckle at her thoughts. One thing I really liked was the fact that I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. One thing I really liked was the fact that it didn't make such a big deal of them being step brother and sister, cause let's face it, they aren't blood related at all and they never knew the other existed until they were both There were times that I was disappointed in Maddy and her choices but then I think of how my 18 year old is and I realize that you can't expect an 18 year old to have the maturity to deal with things the way we, as adults, would.

Apr 02, Vicki rated it it was amazing. This story pulled me in from the get go. Maddy, her Mom, and Step-Dad are anxiously, very since he has a long juvenile record, waiting for Rafe, her step-dads son he didn't know he had, to show up. Maddy is really nervous because after seeing his picture he's all she can think about. When he does get there, Maddy is caught with her pants down, literally.

She is totally in lust. However he is her step-brother. What can happen, right? I was really surprised when I read this book. I have to admit it This story pulled me in from the get go. I have to admit it's my first by this author and she blew me away. She is a very talented writer and the book has a flow.

I do recommend reading it but only to adults because of the theme and all. It's a hot read!!!!! I did receive an ARC from the author for my honest review! Apr 21, Vanessa Wester rated it really liked it. This kind of book transports me back to teenage years I had a lot of posters back then! The style of writing is addictive, fast-paced, and "real". Basically, this is a story of good girl meets bad boy. The twist is that this bad boy is much more than what he first appears. I loved the way their relationship developed, and the way they got to know each other.

Towards the end, it seemed a bit rushed, even though it had that wonderful HEA ending. Overall, a great coming of age read. Apr 28, Danielle rated it it was amazing. Red Cheeks Reads blog: Oct 25, Serena Miles rated it really liked it.

I have three issue with this book. The mother of the h, the father of the H and the second part. Apr 14, Jamie Leigh rated it liked it. I loved the concept but I just didn't really get into the characters. Sep 07, Luz Al Saud rated it it was ok. Feb 17, Kate Medina alittlereader1 rated it really liked it Shelves: Apr 03, Macarena Cassano rated it really liked it. Jan 01, hopxfully rated it it was ok. Apr 04, Judy Lewis rated it it was amazing.

I've read quite a few of Aya Fukunishi's books but this one, Stepbrother Fallen, is unlike any I've read to date and I must say, I really loved it!

To complicate matters, the deposition of Queen Nualia has led to dissension amongst the Aristocracy.

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In essence, this is a safe-haven for contributing artists to cleanly and semi-official introduce their own ideas into the canon of Fallen Throne. So I never got a real sense of Rafe…to the point that even after finishing the book, I have tro 3.

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